For the last decade I’ve been working as a music composer. I wrote music for film, television, tv-commercials and corporate films. For many of those projects I also did sound design and the overall sound mix.


Film has always been my passion, but that passion is not just limited to the music. I love the fact that different forms of art come together to tell one story. For that reason I decided years ago to do full video productions.


In the last couple of years I did over 80 video productions. Many of them were commercial jobs, but I also did a lot of guerrilla style productions for dancers, singers and musicians. I did most of these projects as a one-man-crew.


This year I founded a production company for corporate films. The company will exclusively focus on clients for whom architecture, design and art are important elements for their businesses. The company is called In Prime Focus.


Mid 2014 we started the first productions for In Prime Focus and in the 1st quarter of 2015 we will post the first portfoliofilm on the company website. So, make sure you check the In Prime Focus website around that time!

In the meantime you can watch a couple of my personal projects on this website. This small selection consist of only a few non-commercial and low/no-budget productions.

You can click here if you want to contact me.


a handful of non-commercial projects only

‘Tears Of Steel’ is a Creative Commons film for which I composed the music. I also did sound design and the sound mix. The film is created by Blender and showcases the possibilities of Blender’s open source animation software. The film is directed by Ian Hubert.

This is a choreography video I did with Pop’Arazzi Crew. The crew originates from Rotterdam and these guys like to be different. This particular choreography is on Yann Tiersen’s beautiful and famous theme for the film Amélie.

Composer/cellist Tina Guo and B-boy Jean Sok were in Amsterdam for the Immortal MJ tour with Cirque Du Soleil. This music video was a spontaneous idea and we managed to do the videoshoot between their shows. It features 2 incredible cello pieces by Tina.

A music video for dutch singer/dancer Clynt. Just like most of my low/no budget productions are, this video is also fully improvised and done without a crew. Clynt did book a nice location!

Anthony Benjamin is part of the Pop’Arazzi Crew. Before we did their choreography video on Amélie, I had already done 2 video’s for him in the year before.

I wrote this orchestral piece during my Music Composition study in Utrecht (The Netherlands). This performance by the Utrecht Student Concert is from 6 years ago.