For the last decade I’ve been working as a composer. I wrote music for film, television, commercials and corporate films. In many cases I also did sound design and the overall sound mix. A few orchestral pieces were composed for the concert hall.


Film has always been my main passion and that’s the reason I studied to be a film composer. But I like every aspect of filmmaking and that’s why I started to do video productions as well. In a decade or so I will move from corporate to fiction.


Since 2011 I did over 80 video productions. I wanted to get a feel for every aspect of filmmaking so I did a lot of projects as a one-mand-band. Many of them had no budget whatsoever, but I also did a lot of commercial projects.


In the last year I’ve been working on a production company for corporate films. We started our first production mid 2014 and hope to do a lot of very cool projects in the coming years. Because of this new company I quit all my work as a freelancer.

The new production company started in mid 2014. And since I won’t be doing commercial freelance work any time soon, I will only showcase a handful of non-commercial projects in this portfolio.

I am really looking forward to producing and directing high-end corporate films from now on. But I also had a blast doing the many low/no-budget video’s where it was just me and the dancers, singers, actors or musicians. There was no crew. No planning. No budget. We just met somewhere, looked for a cool location and started shooting with whatever creativity we could muster.

This kind of guerrilla style filmmaking, combined with the many commercial projects I did, gave me a lot of experience which I will put to use in the new production company.


- non-commercial projects only -

‘Tears Of Steel’ is an Creative Commons film for which I composed the music. I also did sound design and the sound mix. The film was created by open software developer Blender and showcases the possibilities of this free animation software. The film is directed by Ian Hubert.

Choreography video with Pop’arazzi Crew from Rotterdam. They brought candles and two lights! It’s always nice to have some tools to work with. They also painted their faces which definitely added to the creative process of making this video on the spot.

Tina Guo (composer/cellist) and Jean Sok (Bboy) were in Amsterdam for the Immortal MJ tour of Cirque Du Soleil. Between shows we managed to meet and do a videoshoot for Tina’s music. We had 1 hour at the Concert Gebouw and did some shots outside. Considering the time limit and the absence of a crew I think it worked out quite well :)